Murari Jha_Borrow

Udhaar | उधार

Title | Udhaar | Borrow

Installation | Durational Performance

Adil Shah Palace | Serendipity Art Festival | Goa

Curated by | HH Art Spaces

Year | 2016

This piece is a live-art and Installation work, concerned with the complex web of workings of desire, morality, and anxiety in our society. Jha sees Performance as a potent release, to reclaim ownership of one’s own body, time and space. Drawing upon personal narrative, Memory, dream and the every day the artist enter into the dialogue with the politics of sexuality.(aspiration and seduction), identity politics (existential questions), and social politics (religion and morality our coding), in his attempts to achieve a future that is layered with alternative realities.

Madhavi Gore | Artist, Curator, and one of the founder members of HH Art Spaces

The Whole land Shall Be a Desolation

Future collaboration

Video Performance

Duration | 45 minutes

Year | 2016

Performance | Installation

Antarvention (Intervention)

Mithila Bhavan Akhara | Ayodhya

Conceived by  | Clark House Initiative

Year | 2016


Walking Up & Down

Duration | 55 Minutes

Conceived by | 1shantiroad

Year | 2015

I walked up and down, every corner of 1shantiroad and ended my performance in the city-scape, audiences were in front of me and the blue sky was in front of them.

Exhibition View

Performance | Installation | Video | Sound

Conceived by | 1shantiroad

Year | 2015

Body, Space & Structure of anxiety

The most prominent installations in this show are those of Murai Jha, using Art Povera and Fluxus as a trigger he collects urban debris, an abandoned metal grill, cage, bricks, wooden tree stump and poles etc. Jha celebrated labor and his own body. Recently he performed at 1Shanthiroad exploring the multiple spaces of the studio. He moved around the edgy corners and terrace of 1Shanthiroad in the nude, interacting with found objects and spaces. The audience followed him like a Piped Piper as he surprised them in every corner.

Suresh Jayaram | Artist, Curator, Writer, and Founder of 1.Shanhtiroad Studio an international artist’s Residency.


De-text | JNU

Duration | 30 Minutes

Year | 2018


The Horizon line

Duration | 25 Minutes

Gati | Delhi

Balancing body at the horizon line!

Performance  | Live Art

In_C  | New Delhi

Duration | 1 Hour

Year | 2018



Duration | 45 Minutes

Crack International Camp Kusthiya (Bangladesh)


Caring History

Site Specific Installation

Crack International Camp Kusthiya (Bangladesh)

Year | 2013

Title | Carrying the History

Duration  | 30 Minutes

Conceived by  |  Bodhgaya Biennale, Bihar

Year | 2016

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